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2016 Legal Update with Gov Hutchinson

We won’t pretend to know everything that 2017 will bring—heck, 2016 sure surprised us—but we think we can predict a few things when it comes to real estate...

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Bakersfield Business Tax

The City of Bakersfield Treasury Division administers and enforces provisions of the Municipal Code relating to business tax certificates, transient outdoor business permits, other business regulatory permits and transient lodging tax...

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Prospecting with Lee Barrison

Lee Barrison is a firm believer that if he's not on the phone or at a door speaking to a potential client he's not in the business of real estate. His core values in his business consist of prospecting and doing lead follow up everyday...

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Home Ownership

Find a REALTOR® who can help you turn your dream into a reality. Don’t get lost and confused in regulation, paperwork and the whole process of buying a home... 

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Three Tech Tools to Share with Your Clients

Watch the video about the top three apps for 2016 that every real estate agent should have on their smartphone...

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Eye in the Sky

Drones are making it easy and affordable to capture a bird's eye view of nearly any property. This video shows you how to create smart marketing with drones...

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Photo Editing Made Easy

Fix your photos in a single click and fine tune your results with advanced controls, touch-up tools...

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Social Media and Cyber Safety Strategies

As a real estate professional in today's digital world, your day probably includes social networking, smartphone and email online communications...